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Welcome to Portland Auto Shield, where automotive perfection meets professionalism. We are not just another mobile detailer; we are an established brick-and-mortar shop committed to delivering excellence in automotive paint protection. Our team is highly trained and certified, and we take immense pride in being recognized as professionals in the field. At Portland Auto Shield, we specialize in a niche that we are passionate about: ceramic coatings, also known as glass coatings or quartz coatings. These coatings represent the pinnacle of protection against UV and chemical damage, and we harness the power of SiO2, or silicon dioxide, to provide your vehicle with the ultimate shield.

The secret to our exceptional results lies in the meticulous preparation process. We utilize a multi-step process to decontaminate, strip away contaminants, remove scratches, and prepare the paint surface for the ceramic coating. We use a solvent carrier to precisely apply the SiO2 to your vehicle's paint and other surfaces. As the solvent evaporates, it leaves behind a strong and durable SiO2 bond that cures and forms an impenetrable barrier.

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of our ceramic paint coating, we go the extra mile. We apply two coats, and require 24 hours to allow it to cure. This ensures that the coating is fully cured and ready to protect your vehicle to the fullest.

At Portland Auto Shield, we are dedicated to providing your vehicle with the ultimate protection and shine. Our focus on ceramic coatings demonstrates our commitment to delivering the highest standard of care for your automotive investment. Drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of professionals who are passionate about paint protection. Contact us today at (503) 890-4755 to talk about your needs and receive a free estimate. 

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