Our Ceramic Coating Solutions

Our Ceramic Coating Solutions

Exterior Ceramic Paint Coating

Our ceramic coating is engineered to deliver unrivaled performance, offering a stunning high-gloss finish while forming an impenetrable …
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Interior Ceramic Coating

Your vehicle's interior is where you spend most of your time, and it deserves the best protection. Our Interior Ceramic Coating is …
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Wheels and Windshield Ceramic Coatings

Your vehicle's wheels and windshield are exposed to the harshest elements on the road, from road salt and debris to rain, snow, and UV …
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Register Your Ceramic Coating to Maintain Your Warranty

Did you know that we have a partnership with CarFax which allows us to register our certified ceramic coating applications on your vehicle's CarFax vehicle history report? ⁠ 

When you purchase our CarFax certified ceramic coating packages, after we apply a ceramic coating on your vehicle, your vehicle's CarFax report will show the date of our ceramic coating installation, the type of ceramic coating applied, and where it was installed. This increases the resale value of your vehicle!⁠

For our clients who purchased our ceramic coating detail packages, you must register your warranty with us within 30 days of installation.