Paint Corrections, what are they?

Posted on Nov 11th 2023

Even a new (or newer) vehicle will have some minor paint imperfections or contamination and have the “need” for some paint correction. The most common types of paint imperfections are scratches, swirl marks, etchings, water spots, and bird/bug marks. There are many others that include oxidation (faded paint), clear coat failure (clear coat is gone and exposing color layer), dirt nibs, crow’s feet (small cracks in paint), solvent pop (air bubbles that are trapped in curing clear coat) and more. Some of these problems can be solved with paint decontamination, wet sanding, paint correction or polishing, but unfortunately some cannot. During the consultation and inspection process, we will evaluate the paint and provide our recommendations. As seen in the photo, paint correction can make a huge improvement to the paint, removing scratches and restoring a deep glossy shine, preparing it for a long-lasting ceramic coating!

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